Pink’s Mark Schulman

Pink’s Mark Schulman behind the drumkitHello, MD readers, Mark Schulman here. This has been an incredible life so far! I gotta tell you about some great stuff. First of all, touring and recording with Pink has been such an incredible journey musically, career-wise, energetically, and educationally.

I have also been doing clinics all over the planet, spreading the gospel of how to really achieve success in an ever-changing business. One of the greatest realizations I have had in the last few years is that drummers really need to learn to do it all. What I mean by that is that you too can be a top session musician from the comfort of your own garage, bedroom, living room, or even bathroom (if it’s large enough for drums and mics!).

Recently I released a new DVD that will tell you how, I promise! Hudson Music is distributing it and it’s called A Day In The Recording Studio—A Musician’s Guide To Recording Drum Tracks In The Studio. I started teaching recording seminars about five years ago in my studio. (Well, at the time it was just a room with drums and some cheap recording equipment.) My students were getting so inspired that four years later, I finally created the time to make this DVD. A few months ago I saw one of the guys from a seminar I did in 2005 and he has since begun making his living recording tracks in the San Diego area as a result of the information I taught him. You too can do it! Advertisement

The DVD is good fun. Check out the demo on the YouTube link here, and change your life as you know it! Feel free to email me directly to talk drums and life, arrange a lesson, or tell me your best joke.

Here’s a great saying I heard yesterday from my friend Phillip in the UK: “Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves.”

So I say, rather than merely talking about it, just do it; the time to take action is now!

I also recommend you check out Pink’s new Funhouse DVD release at for some amazing entertainment, energy, playing, and POPspiration!

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