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Okay, my first blog, not just for Modern Drummer, but my first blog, period. We recently got the first color TV on the block as well….

As a lovely autumn descends on NYC between the tourist attacks of Halloween and Thanksgiving, we offer this update:

I just released my second solo record, The LP Is Dead, on No Fun Records. Thunderboss: Thunderbolt Patterson With Ross The Boss came out in 2006; it’s my instrumental 4/4 Jeff Beck record. Since I couldn’t afford Beck, I was delighted to have on board my other favorite guitar player (and Dictator bandmate), Ross The Boss. I wrote, arranged, and produced it, and it became quite popular on the jukebox at the bar down the street.

The LP Is Dead is my lead-singing debut; my sisters are gonna have a field day with this. Like the prior offering, I also wrote, arranged, and produced the sucker. The great Dean Rispler played guitars, bass, and keyboards, along with my longtime “Sancho Panza,” CJ Scioscia: Three great guys, three great chords. We’re attempting to bring the POWER back to power pop. Support your local singing drummer.

I’ve had the pleasure the past several months to be playing drums for Richard Lloyd. Richard is the co-founder of Television, the first band to have played CBGB, and is a NYC guitar legend. We just finished a North America East Of The Mississippi tour, with some long humps; Minneapolis to Ann Arbor to Kansas City, anyone? As long as you can find Richard a Waffle House, you’re all set. At this point, some grateful shout-outs to Madison, Ann Arbor, and my new favorite college town, Knoxville. Go Vols! We did a radio performance on WUTK in the afternoon (thanks, Benny), and Richard had a great story about seeing Keith Moon play backstage at the Fillmore East on cardboard boxes—which is what he wanted me to do. I managed to talk him into letting me do it on my Raul Rekow bongos. It came out great, and the show that night at Barley’s Tap Room was killer. Again, thanks, Knoxville. Advertisement

I have a few gigs coming up with harpist Erin Hill (real harp, kids). Erin plays with the Fab Faux and Kanye West, among dozens of others, and she is a marvel; it’s an honor. I think Erin likes me ’cause I bring the Rock…with brushes. We’ll be at the Glen Burtnik Christmas show on this coming December 19, which is always a great show for an excellent cause.

Time to get of the computer before I go blind. Perhaps…play the drums? I’ll be at NAMM 2010, so feel free to saunter up to me and inquire if I’m lost; chances are I am and you might be of some help. The LP Is Dead, out now on No Fun Records. That’s what I said.

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