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Jason Zerbin’s Peter Mol : Modern Drummer

Hey, Modern Drummer! My name is Peter Mol. I’m from a little town outside of Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and I’ve been playing with Jason Zerbin for a little under a year.

Music for me started as early as I can remember. I grew up in the church, grew up in worship bands, and all that jazz. The piano lessons lasted for about two months until I could hardly stand it anymore. The note reading seemed to be too painful. Then I took drum lessons for a couple years and decided I had learned enough to move on by myself. It wasn’t until about mid junior high that I started taking my musical journey seriously. I quickly entered a university-level ear-training course, which sprouted everything that music means to me now–basically hearing something and being able to play it. I had by then gone back to piano and guitar, and I haven’t stopped since.

I was in countless garage bands, always messing around and finding gigs to pass the time. My first album, with my junior high band, was released in 2002, titled The Zedz. It was a ball, and we had a few big gigs. My second album was just this year, with another band I’m currently in, Junkyard Poets. It was released a few months ago and is selling quite well. I have some great connections to some pretty great people. I’m able to play all around Canada doing conferences with attendances of more than 14,000 people. I have done session work for other people’s projects, and things are really starting to take off.

I was approached by the great Jason Zerbin, who needed a drummer and spotted me. He apparently liked my chops. Traveling with him now is a story in and of itself. The thing I appreciate most about the band is just the overall musicianship. It’s great when you sit down with other people who are good at their instruments and can just feel things out. We play after our shows, even when people are gone and out of the building, just because something feels good or if our bass player has a good riff. I love that about our band. It feels fresh every time we play, which is a huge reason why one of my greatest influences of all time is the Dave Matthews Band. Advertisement

In September, one of our songs (“In Your Arms”) is being featured in a movie released through Universal called Teenage Dirtbag. We also had a music video that is going to be featured on the DVD. Currently I’m playing a Pearl Vision kit with Zildjian K Custom cymbals, but as of a few weeks ago I have signed with Shine Drums! So I’m having a custom kit made for me soon, which I’m very excited about. We’re all hoping things will take off full time pretty soon in the fall. We’re having some interest from pretty big labels, with the help of our amazing manager, John Carlson of Carlson Entertainment. Having just graduated high school, I’m optimistic about the future!

Please check out my band’s MySpace page and listen to our music.