Cody James Cox of Miss Derringer

Cody James Cox of Miss Derringer : Modern Drummer

To quote Perry Caravello, “This is the ultimate, ultimate!” Modern Drummer, I would like to give you much thanks and tell you I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this blog.

I’m Cody James Cox, and I’ve been a Modern Drummer fan for sixteen years now. From Fresno, CA (my home town) to Los Angeles (current), I’ve played in many bands, including legendary Long Beach punk band Final Conflict, the Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag, Charlie Horse) fronted Sun Trash, and for the last four years, Miss Derringer, featuring artist Liz McGrath. Our sound is like Johnny Cash meets Blondie on a double date with the Shangri-Las.

As far as the drumming goes, on the new album, Winter Hill, I kept it simple and in the background. As a drummer it can be hard not throwing in crazy fills and speed, but it’s really gratifying to play for the song and not go overboard. By the way, Clem Burke (Blondie) plays on track 2 on the album, “Bulletproof Heart.” He’s an amazing drummer, has been a major influence on my drumming, and is an all-around great guy. Thanks, Clem!

Miss Derringer just finished a two-month U.S. tour with Texans Girl In A Coma. Seven people crammed in a van with merch, gear, and luggage. The one thing I learned is, buy Febreze!

Scott Churilla is rad, miss ya buddy.

For more on Miss Derringer, go to their page on facebook or at Photo by Allen Scott.