Andy Horst of This Providence

Andy Horst of This Providence : Modern DrummerWhat’s up, MD readers! I play drums for a band called This Providence. After taking nine months off the road to write and record a new album, I’m finally out touring again for the majority of the year to support it. In June of 2008 we hit the studio with producer Matt Squire (Boys Like Girls, Panic At The Disco, The Used) at The Lair in Los Angeles. We spent about five weeks there laying the tracks for what would become our new album, Who Are You Now?

I was fortunate to have the “Drum Doctor,” Ross Garfield, come in and tune and help tech the drum sessions. He helped us get some pretty sick raw drums sounds that I feel really helped set the vibe of the rest of the record. The CD was released in March, and we’ve already been out solid since January touring the US and do not see any breaks in the immediate future. We spent all of January supporting Ludo.

Through February our singer and guitar player played the Snakes And Suits Acoustic Tour supporting The Academy Is…, and this whole month we’re touring with the indie-rock band Copeland. We’re nearly fully booked already through Warped Tour this fall, including Bamboozle in early May. It’s going to be a busy, busy year for us! Advertisement

I’ve been playing drums for almost nine years now, and I love playing. I’ve put almost of all my efforts into making this a career, and I’ve been touring for two years now–I eat sometimes and I’ve usually got a place to sleep–so I’m well on my way. Ha! But, seriously, I’m truly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had already and can’t wait to see what this next record cycle may bring. Music makes me live. I could not do without it, whether it pays or not.

I want to throw out a huge thanks to all the dudes at SJC Drums, and to Ben @ Vic Firth–you make it much easier to survive out here. And thanks to Modern Drummer for allowing me to contribute!

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