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Tucker Rule: Chillin’ On The Ego For The Common Good

Tucker RuleWith their new release, Common Existence, post-hardcore band Thursday returns as forceful as ever, driven by drummer Tucker Rule. Rule explains the concept of the album as “a culmination of all our records” to date while still being a definitive step in the progression of their music.

From the harder sounds of opener “Resuscitation Of Man” to more ambient tracks such as “Time’s Arrow,” Rule plays what’s needed for the tune while still displaying his chops when necessary. The drummer describes his approach this time around as “less ego driven” and a bit “less serious” than on previous recordings. This mindset, plus a little help from influences ranging from Stewart Copeland and Abe Cunningham to Dave Grohl and Quicksand’s Alan Cage, serve Rule well on this recording.

The drummer says he had some help in achieving his sound from producer Dave Fridmann, who returns from Thursday’s 2006 release A City By The Light Divided. As Rule explains, “Fridmann kept the recording process from going stale by recording us for two weeks and then giving us two weeks off.” This strategy seems to have worked out for Rule and his bandmates.

by Anthony Riscica

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