Marco Minnemann Update

Since his June 2007 MD cover story, German drumming sensation Marco Minnemann has played numerous clinics, drum festivals, and concerts worldwide, recorded two multi-instrumental solo albums (House Wife Dog & Two Kids, A Mouth Of God), appeared on the animated TV series Metalocalypse, and recorded performance segments for the Drum Channel Web site. He also masterminded a recording concept called Normalizer, a fifty-two-minute drum solo template for musicians to build songs from.

On the road, Marco displayed versatility, aggressiveness, and speed with German extreme metal band Necrophagist on the sold-out 2007 North American Slaughter Tour. Upon returning to his San Diego home, he composed and recorded music for UKZ, the long-awaited follow-up to the high-profile ’80s prog/fusion band UK. Minnemann was asked to join UKZ by founding member Eddie Jobson–which means he’s following in the footsteps of former UK drummers Bill Bruford and Terry Bozzio. UKZ’s four-song EP, Radiation, was recently released.

Marco can also be heard on the new release from bassist Bryan Beller (Steve Vai), Thanks In Advance. And Minnemann, Beller, and guitarist Mike Keneally have formed KMB, a power trio that plays compositions by all three artists. The trio will tour the world in 2009. Advertisement

Minnemann’s latest solo recording, A Mouth Of God, is a thirteen-song collection of musical genius and controversial subject matter. “This album is very dark,” the drummer says. “Some songs are desperate, some aggressive, some sarcastic but very high energy. There are beautiful moments too, things I’ve always wanted to say but that now come easier in my writing.

“I see myself more as a composer now,” Minnemann continues. “I’m very happy that people are buying my music and are seeing me use my drumming skills for composing. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Mike Haid