Punchline’s Pj Caruso

Punchline's Pj CarusoHey, everyone! I’m Pj Caruso, and I play drums for the band Punchline. I’m with the guys right now, promoting our new album, Just Say Yes. This is our first release since we left our long-time label Fueled By Ramen. We’ve recently started our own label, Modern Short Stories (, and we plan on putting out music by tons of great bands, as well as our own releases.

I’ve been playing with Punchline for about eleven years now, so I guess you can say I’ve been playing drums for them just about as long as I’ve been playing drums. My two biggest influences are Bill Stevenson and Janet Weiss–although I actually think the biggest influence on me has been all of the great drummers that I’ve had the privilege to be on tour with. There’s something about getting to know someone and watching their personality come through in their playing that is so much more magical than just listening to someone rip it up on a CD or video.

I never thought that something I did for fun in my parents’ basement would take me to all the places I’ve been to, allow me to meet all the people I’ve met, and basically enable me to have the time of my life! I always have a great time on stage, and all of you should come check out our show sometime. Visit us on the old Interweb at, and please check out our new CD. I like to think it’s a little different from a lot of stuff that is going on in our scene right now, and I really think you won’t regret it. Oh, and check out the nice people at 19 Star Drum Company ( and Silverfox Percussion ( Advertisement

And if you’re in a band, PLEASE stop talking about your myspace page onstage. Kurt Cobain turns in his grave every time one of you does that!

I hope to see everyone at one of our shows soon!

Pj Caruso

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