Jason Scarboro of Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate Drummer Jason ScarboroGreetings, MD readers, this is Jason Scarboro, here to fill you in with a little background information about myself and my band Dead Confederate. I’ve been playing drums for twelve years, but I actually started my musical journey playing the violin in third grade. I dropped it a year later, only to eventually play saxophone in the middle school band, which, in turn, was where I fell in love with the drums.

My parents had always listened to really cool music when I was young, and my dad had even played guitar in a band. I can remember air-drumming to Zeppelin before I really knew who John Bonham was. Before our after-school rehearsals, I would sit behind the school drumset with our drummer and basically try to mimic what I saw him doing. The concept came really simply to me. “All I have to do is make the boom sound with my right foot, the tick sound with my right hand, and the pop with my left hand—.”

Obviously I learned that there is WAY more to being a good drummer than this. But it instantly clicked, and I knew that the drums were meant for me. It took a few years of convincing, but I eventually received a drumset as a gift from my parents when I was sixteen, and I haven’t stopped playing since. Advertisement

Currently I’m playing in the band Dead Confederate. We’ve all played together in different incarnations since our late—high school, early-college days, and we’ve just released our first full-length EP, Wrecking Ball. We will be touring the rest of the year in support of the album, so come check out a show.

Oh yeah, this is a photo of me at the KEXP live session in NYC from the Gibson Showroom during CMJ in October 2007. Cheryl and the whole KEXP crew have been so good to us. This session was a ton of fun. They thought it was noteworthy enough to take this picture of my bloody hands after the set, but really, it happens all the time!



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