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Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson Hi, my name is Alex Johnson, and I play drums in a band called The Cab. We are currently on the RockBand Live tour with label-mates Panic At The Disco, The Plain White T’s, and Dashboard Confessional–who, might I add, has the best drummer I’ve ever seen by the name of Mike Marsh.

I’d first like to take this opportunity to thank Modern Drummer for everything, as I have read the magazine and Web site about my favorite drummers for years. It’s surreal to be a part of it.

I first started playing drums about six years ago, when I was thirteen or so, in my best friend’s room. He had an old Pearl Fusion kit that we used to bang around on all day. I’d listen to Blink-182 and try and play along nonstop. I joined The Cab about three years ago with friends I went to school with, and the rest is history!

We’ve been touring in support of our album Whisper War, which came out this past April 29. It’s been the time of my and all of our lives. Playing music every night has become a dream come true. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped along the way: SJC custom drums, who built me the most insane acrylic set, with big white hoops and rope all around it! Go to www.sjcdrums.com to check it out. Also, thanks to Sabian cymbals and Vater drumsticks!

After the RockBand Live tour we’ll be home for the holidays, and then back out on the road for a fresh, full year in January. I can’t wait! Thanks again to everyone, and especially Modern Drummer! Take care,

Alex Johnson

For more on Alex, go to twitter.com/AlexRyanJohnson.


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