Vince Ector

Drummer/Composer Vince EctorHello to all! My name is Vince Ector, and I am a drummer/composer based out of the New York City area. I’m writing today from my hotel in Brignoles, France while waiting for transportation to the airport for our next stop, Javea, Spain.

We’ve been touring for over a week now. We visit one country a day, with two or more flights each day, before playing an evening concert in 2,000- to 5,000-seat venues. I would have blogged earlier, but this has been the first time I’ve been able to take a breath in over a week!

The audiences have been great, and the artists I’ve been traveling with were longtime members of Dizzy’s bands–some before I was even born. That really puts the heat on me to be “on point” at all times, on and off the bandstand. Advertisement

Dizzy Gillespie was not only the father of bebop, he was also the first major jazz artist to combine the elements of Cuban music with jazz. This requires me to be versed in swing, Latin, funk, and yes, hip-hop rhythms and concepts. What more could you ask for in one gig! It’s been a blast, and sometimes I have to stop myself from spacing out just thinking about how great it is to come from playing drums in a South Philly basement to performing on stages in countries I sometimes can’t pronounce.

My equipment: Mapex Orion series with 10″, 12″, 13″, and 15″ toms, a 20″ bass drum, and a Black Panther series Thick Flamed Maple snare, plus Vic Firth AJ-1 sticks and Attack drumheads.

My road advice for up & coming drummers: Stay sharp and humble, bring a practice pad (you never know when you’ll be able to warm up), and do your homework with regards to the music you’ll be playing. Most of all, be professional, but have fun–that’s why we started playing in the first place! Advertisement


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