Brandon Saller of Atreyu

Brandon Saller of AtreyuProjekt Revolution Week

The arrival of this year’s Projekt Revolution tour came two days early for us. We had the privilege of playing a one-off show with Linkin Park in Quebec City. We’d never actually played in the “city,” so it was nice to go somewhere new. After a long day of flying, the guys, myself, and my wife went out to search for some food and festivities for (bassist) Marc McKnight’s birthday. We didn’t have too much luck, but it ended up being a decent dinner and some drinks at the hotel bar. I was beat, so I retired to my room and had a nice relaxing movie night with the misses.

The next day we woke up and all went down to the venue for sound check. This was going to be the first show we’d played in about six weeks. The fact that this first show would be in front of 25,000 screaming Canadians was both exciting and nerve-racking. When we finally drove up to the venue and saw the massive stage and gigantic field that would soon be filled with people, the nerves went away and I just got really excited. Luckily, it went off with out a hitch. The show was by far the biggest one we’d ever played. This was a great start to an amazing tour. We flew from Quebec to Rhode Island, caught our bus, and made our way to the first show.

We had a rehearsal day, which was amazing and rare for us to have. It was nice to actually be prepared for a tour and not just thrown into a “who knows what’s going to happen” scenario as usual. After meeting with a few of the Linkin Park guys earlier in the week and meeting the security staff, I realized that this tour was going to be very positive and organized. I think our whole band was psyched for the months ahead. So far, the tour has been amazing. I’ve had some great visits from my friends at Vic Firth and Zildjian. They always treat me so well. It felt like Christmas in July. Advertisement

The shows so far have been amazing. It seems like were playing to an equal amount of old and new fans, which is great. Aside from our shows being great, being able to watch a legend like Chris Cornell has been a real treat as well. I think he’s the most spot-on vocalist I’ve ever seen, definitely inspiring to watch. I’m still waiting for the offer to come up and do guest vocals on “Hunger Strike”–it could happen! We also can’t forget Busta Bust and Linkin Park. It’s nice to be on a tour with great bands that are fun to watch. It’s like icing on the cake. I’m really excited to be out here with such great bands on such a great tour. I’m officially ready for a lot more parking lot BBQ (we have guest chef Scott Lloyd on tour with us—quite delicious) and shredding bands. Until next time…

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