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Aaron Pritchett's Jayson BrinkworthHey everyone, Jayson Brinkworth here writing from Canada. Thanks to Mike Dawson at Modern Drummer for including myself in The Blogs. If this magazine doesn’t get you fired up about playing drums, you must not have a pulse! I’ve been reading it for twenty-four years now. (My first issue had Bernard Purdie on the cover.)

Things are busy up north in my crazy drum world. Details are coming together for a two-day festival I’m planning in October with a couple of fantastic headliners. We have a thriving drum community here in Regina, but seem to be lacking in clinics and workshops. As a co-owner of a music school, it is my mission to change this.

It started with a great clinic we did here in April, with the one and only Billy Ward. We had a great turnout, the clinic and masterclass were a huge hit, and Billy is a one-in-a-million player and human being. Ask him about the three attempts to make this happen, and flying to Minnesota for a sandwich! Advertisement

Lessons have wrapped up for the year at the school (Music In The House), and the touring season begins. I’m working with Canadian country artist Aaron Pritchett, and we’re traveling coast to coast twice this summer. His new album, Thankful, will be released in the fall on OPM/604/Universal records. (604 is Nickelback leader Chad Kroeger’s label.)

As for practicing, my new Yamaha Birch Absolute kit is inspiring me in a big way. Creativity is my goal, groove is my mission. The other gear that inspires me is Sabian, Trueline, Evans, Gibraltar, Mountain Rythym, Impact, and Flix.

Other drummers who’ve been through town as of late include Russ Kunkel, Herman Matthews (another great human being), Nikko McBrain, and David Northrup. I can’t get enough of hanging out with other players and geeking out over drums and gear; we are so cool. ☺ Advertisement

One thing I’ve been exploring as of late is using larger crash cymbals. Herman Matthews is using a 22″ HHXtreme, and it sounds awesome. He also has 18″ hats that sound incredible. I find the response to be great, and they’re almost effortless to play. This isn’t a new idea, but seems to be a bigger trend nowadays, and there are so many great cymbals out there.

I’m looking forward to a great summer and reading upcoming issues of MD. Also, have you checked out the lineup for the MD Festival? Unbelievable! If you go, you can ask Billy Ward about his Regina experience, as he is playing there with his trio.

Thanks, and keep the groove alive.

Jayson “Binky” Brinkwoth

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