Ari Gold and Adventures of Power

Adventures Of Power’s Ari Gold

Hi MD readers, drummers, and wanna-be drummers!

After three years of complete insanity, I am closing in on finishing a movie you might enjoy. Adventures Of Power is about finding your own heartbeat; it’s about the reason you almost crashed your car last month; it’s a movie about air drumming.

You may think I’m crazy to see air drumming as a metaphor for the great lengths the human spirit will go to communicate. But since you’re drummers, you might agree with me. The story follows a guy named Power from his little copper-mining town in the Southwest to New York City (via Mexico and New Jersey) as he tries to find out why he’s compelled to drum along with Rush. Along the way, he gathers up a crew of like-minded souls who are all searching for the same thing.

Michael McKean (Spinal Tap), Jane Lynch (40-Year-Old Virgin), Shoshannah Stern, and a bunch of other great people are in the movie. (Even Neil Peart, one of greatest souls I’ve ever met, makes an appearance.) We don’t have a release date yet, but you can write me and I’ll keep you posted. Or YouTube yourselves air-drumming and link to Power, so we can see how good you are. I’m sure Power would appreciate knowing there are others like him out there. Advertisement