Drummer Jeroen ElfferichHi, everyone. My name is Jeroen Elfferich, and I am a professional drummer from The Netherlands. I specialize in uneven rhythms/odd grooves. My goal is to get musicians/drummers interested in different grooves because we always hear the 4/4 bar. During my music study at the Rotterdam Conservatorium, I played uneven rhythms with jazz musicians from Serbia and Turkey. It’s more exciting, and it gives you more freedom. I have a new album out with my progressive jazz-rock band Elfferich Four, and we don’t play any 4/4 anymore! Still, my music is easy to listen to and not strange at all.
So check out www.myspace.com/elfferichfour and listen to some uneven songs, or order the new album (Eccentricity) at www.musearecords.com. Stop counting in four, try something more! (5, 6, 7, 9, and 10).