Aaron Montgomery of Trapt

Drummer Aaron Montgomery of Trapt“I compare drumming to various spices. If the groove has too much salt or too much pepper, then you’re going to be all savored out.” So says Aaron Montgomery, the “chef” in Trapt’s kitchen. His style, his groove, and his vibe all emanate from drummers who could add flavor while still bringing the rock. “My style comes from early ’90s drummers like Matt Cameron and Dave Krusen,” Montgomery says. “My concept also comes from guys like Tony Williams and Elvin Jones. Jones’ relentless attack of polyrhythms blew me away. And his and Tony’s whole approach to driving a band is something I’ve always tried to keep in mind.”

Montgomery excels at building dynamics. He’s able to add nuance while still locking in with Trapt bassist Peter Charell. There’s also the influence of producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte). With Gilmore in the studio, Montgomery soaked up the ambience. “Pearl Jam’s 10 was one of the most influential records for me in terms of turning me into a rock drummer,” Aaron says. “Don had me try different things. His overwhelming experience fostered a creative environment that blew my mind.”

Trapt’s sophomore offering, Someone In Control, is Montgomery’s first recording with the band. It highlights playing that sounds locked and precise. “You can be told until you’re blue in the face how a groove should sound,” the drummer says. “But it’s intangible. It’s one of those unspoken things. It’s a contrast, an ebb and flow.” Advertisement

Steven Douglas Losey