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Torry Castellano of The Donnas

drummer Torry Castellano of The DonnasEach member of The Donnas has all just barely passed the mile marker of twenty-one years old. (Their latest Lookout Records release is titled Turn 21.) But drummer Donna C (real name: Torry Castellano, real age: twenty-two) has more accomplishments under her belt than many female drummers twice her age. She’s toured nationally numerous times, she’s recorded a few full-length albums, EPs, and compilation tracks (including a split 7″ record with KISS), appeared on MTV, modeled in fashion spreads for national magazines, and is about to tour Europe for the third time. Chalk it all up to an early start, bred in a garage in the city of Palo Alto, California, just outside of San Francisco.

“The Donnas started playing together in eighth grade,” she recalls. “At that point I had never played drums. We started by playing community centers in our area, and by the time we were fifteen or sixteen, we were opening for big acts at shows in San Francisco.”

And were Donna C’s parents concerned about their daughter’s decision to ditch the books and make music a full-time career? “At first they were a little concerned,” she admits. “But they’re all into the band now. They know all of the lyrics and go to the shows. They’re almost too into it!”