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Tony Fagenson of Eve 6

Drummer Tony Fagenson of Eve 6Ask Tony Fagenson to define his role as drummer of the trio called Eve 6 – which includes vocalist/bassist Max Collins and guitarist Jon Siebels – and he’ll give you a response straight out of American Bandstand: “The beat, man.” The gospel according to Fagenson states, “A good band should be able to feel the groove without the drummer. But the drummer, especially live, sets the tone and leads the charge of the music. If the drummer speeds up, so does the whole band. To me, traditionally, the drummer is the one who everyone follows. That’s the rhythm, and it’s what all humans feel – in our heartbeats, how we breathe, and the way we walk.”

The Eve 6 story could easily be titled “Boys To Men.” Barely out of high school when they signed their deal with RCA, they saw their self-titled 1998 debut quickly shoot to platinum. Their 2000 follow-up, Horrorscope, made it to gold. After two years on the road, they took their time recording It’s All In Your Head, which took them straight to radio, impressive chart positions, and steady sales since its July release. Eve 6 completed a string of sold-out club dates prior to a fall tour with Good Charlotte.

“I’m not a ‘drummer’s drummer in any way,” Tony admits. “I was when I was in high school. But now my interests lie in music, production, and lyrics. That’s what gets me off more than playing kick-ass fills. I’m not trying to rewrite the book on drumming; I’m trying to write good songs that people feel.”


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