Kevin Miller of Fuel

drummer Kevin Miller of FuelLoyal fans can definitely make a band feel welcome – especially in the case of Kevin Miller and his band Fuel. When the group was out searching for a place to conduct their pre-production rehearsals, a fan left his house in the band’s hands for two months so they could take care of business.

“He left his dogs and a refrigerator stocked full of food,” Miller says of the gracious fan, from a tour stop in Tucson, Arizona. “So we just set up a mini-studio in his basement and went to work.”

Thanks in large part to the above-mentioned individual, Miller and his bandmates were able to hone their album’s material so well during rehearsals that there really wasn’t much more work ahead for them when they went to New York for the recording of Something Like Human on Sony/Epic. “Before I even walked into the studio I knew what to do,” Miller says. “We really had a huge heads-up on what was going on.” Advertisement

Waleed Rashidi