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Keith Carlock: More Than Time For Sting

Keith CarlockMaking his Big Apple splash working with The Blues Brothers and Wayne Krantz, Mississippi-born Keith Carlock went on to record and tour with Steely Dan. A tremendous groove player who can also flatten your ears with his dazzling all-over-the-kit prowess, earlier this year Carlock entered that rarified league of world-class drummers by joining Sting’s group for his Sacred Love tour.

“It’s very flattering and a lot like Steely Dan,” Carlock relates. “Sting has worked with some of the best drummers on the planet, and to be a part of that lineage is an honor. It’s the same with Steely Dan. Touring with them was like going to drummer’s school, because of all the greats who recorded those timeless songs.”

So how did Keith get the gig with Sting? “I was basically hired because of recommendations, which was a little awkward,” the drummer admits. “That hasn’t happened to me before. Normally I have to do a real audition, or an artist who knows my playing will hire me. But Sting basically trusted his people when they recommended me. It’s totally unbelievable.”

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