Johnny Morgan of Moke

drummer Johnny Morgan of MokeSouth London rockers Moke are enjoying increased stateside visibility with their sophomore release, Carnival, due largely to the band’s relentless touring. “It’s been really good this time out,” observes drummer Johnny Morgan. “More people seem to really be picking up on the record.”

Moke’s current single, “My Degeneration” (their answer to The Who’s classic anthem, “My Generation”) has been picked up by “more radio stations than ever,” thanks to its engaging mix of radio-friendly melodic rock and blues, infused with a touch of funk.

Morgan’s varied drumming influences show up all over Carnival, John Bonham being one of the most prominent. “When I heard the drum solo at the end of ‘Rock And Roll,’ I was like, That’s just brilliant, I want to do that!” You can especially hear Bonham’s imprint on the heavy progressive feel of Moke’s “Fluicide.” “For that tune I used the biggest hi-hats, drums, and sticks I could find. Then we put up two mic’s in the room and just went for it, playing all the guitars live together and then putting the drums on. That was good fun!” Advertisement

Gail Worley