Devon Glenn of Buckcherry

Devon Glenn of BuckcherryWhile Buckcherry is currently in pre-production for a follow-up record to their successful self-titled debut, drummer Devon Glenn says he’s extremely pleased with this last record. “The recording of the drums on the album went pretty quickly. I did everything in about five days. We tracked live with the band inside the room with me. Everyone had a monitor, so it was like we were playing a live show. That allowed us to catch that live energy and the chemistry between all the members.”

While Glenn acknowledges a live vibe is tough to capture on a studio project, he feels more than satisfied with what they recorded. “My objective,” he says, “was to keep it simple, to make sure the music grooved, and to keep a constant pulse. And when there was room, I filled the space and created a little tension. For me, this music is about sexual tension. A drummer achieves that by first providing a solid pulse, and then knowing when to open up and stretch.”

On Buckcherry, Glenn cites “Lit Up” as one of the tracks he favors. “I think it’s a mature drum track,” he says. “I’m not playing a lot, but if you listen, there are little things that create tension, like dynamics. That same thing happens in the tune ‘Related.'” Advertisement

Apparently Buckcherry doesn’t waste any time. They write new tunes while traveling from gig to gig on their bus, even recording their ideas in a porta-studio they have set up in the bus lounge. “We work really hard,” Glenn says. “On top of that, I practice as much as I can. We have a case with a mini drumset, and I’m able to set it up and play for a few hours before the show. I’m really inspired to keep improving at the drums.”