Bruce Guttridge

drummer Bruce GuttridgeDennis Chambers recently described Bruce Guttridge as “a monster” of a player (January 2000 MD). The compliment is well deserved; Bruce is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s hardest working and most in-demand drummers. Coming off of a five-year stint with Ien Navarro, Bruce is currently recording, producing, and playing with many top acts, including Carl Filipiak, George Hazelrigg, and Dan Leonard.

In addition, Bruce has been focusing much of his time on the DC pop sensation Less Traveled, a strong vocal/guitar band that also features world-class bassist Gary Grainger. “Music that people like is what it’s all about,” Bruce says. “I’m enjoying playing in a pop group and still being able to stretch a little. This band is fantastic in that regard.”

Guttridge is a talented engineer and producer, as evidenced in his work on Less Traveled’s upcoming CD. “This project is great because I have control of the production every step of the way. And playing with Gary Grainger is amazing.” Advertisement

Guttridge has produced two of his own CDs, which showcase his abilities as composer and arranger. “In the past I haven’t wanted my records to sound like ‘drum records.’ But lately I’ve wanted to do new material with some serious drums: a little darker, and a lot of stuff in odd meters. It’ll still be strongly based in melody, but it’s going to be coming from a much more rhythmic area.”

Bruce attributes much of his musical development to the support of his mother, as well as his father, jazz historian and writer Leonard Guttridge. He has also studied with Joe Morello and Gary Chaffee. “I’ve been playing all my life,” Bruce elaborates. “Since I was five, it’s been nothing but music.” In addition to his busy schedule, Bruce is developing his Web site,, where visitors can sample music, obtain CD information, and read about upcoming events.