Andy Granelli of The Distillers

drummer Andy Granelli of The DistillersPunk-rock revivalists The Distillers have hit on a musical formula that could spell big success for their much buzzed-about major-label debut. Coral Fang infuses the old-school passion and lyrical relevance of hardcore punk legends like LA’s Germs and Black Flag with melodic, radio-friendly pop appeal.

Recording Coral Fang, which mixes high-speed punk with some slower songs, threw Granelli a bit of a curve ball. According to the drummer, “From touring for almost two years straight, I got locked into playing one way, so I had writer’s block. I felt stuck in a rut. But once I figured out my parts, the recording came together fast. Of course, a month after we finished the recording, I came up with all of these great ideas!”

Granelli recently participated in the DW-sponsored Drum Day 2003 held in Anaheim, California. “That was awesome,” the drummer says, “even though I was only on stage for two songs.” Andy was excited to share the bill with veteran punk drummers like Charlie Quintana (Social Distortion, The Plugz) and DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys, along with extreme drummer Marco Minnemann and jazz/funk whiz kid Tony Royster Jr. Advertisement

With a contagious enthusiasm for his instrument, Andy admits he could just sit and practice drums by himself for hours. “Drumming is my favorite thing to do, and I feel lucky that it’s how I pay the rent.”