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Aaron Comess of Spin Doctors

drummer Aaron Comess of Spin DoctorsWhen Spin Doctors parted ways with Epic Records several years ago, many wondered if we’d ever see another album from the guys who seemed to rule the early-’90s airwaves. After instant initial success, the future turned iffy, to say the least. So when Aaron Comess and singer Chris Barron started working on new tunes in 1997, they weren’t even sure the material was destined for a Doctors record at all. Of course, it was-two years later. With new personnel and a recharged battery, Spin Doctors walk down the aisle once again with Here Comes The Bride.

Recorded in Comess’s Manhattan home studio, Bride, which marks a return to the peppy funk-rock of the group’s past, is seasoned with tinges of salsa and hip-hop. Working at home was refreshing, says Comess. “We had a great time. We’d write something and immediately start laying down tracks. It was just a really creative environment. For instance, I’d wake up at three in the morning with an idea for a song and I’d just go down and hit ‘record.’ And not worrying about spending fifteen hundred dollars every day took the pressure off.” In addition to co-writing and co-producing, the drummer also played many of the bass and guitar parts on the LP.

Later, when Chris Barron lost his voice due to a paralyzed vocal cord, the band sadly had to cancel a summer tour and promotional blitz for Bride, which was released on Universal. Aaron says that even though he’d love to be out pushing the record on which he worked so hard, he still has plenty on his plate. Recently at his home studio Comess produced and played on tracks for Joan Osborne, including the singer’s track for the new Kevin Costner film, as well as her duet with Issac Hayes on “I’m Just A Bill” for the Schoolhouse Rock album. And Comess still heads out for jazz gigs whenever possible. “People know me as the drummer from Spin Doctors, but when I’m not out on the road, I’m in some smoky little jazz club here in Manhattan. I’ve always loved jazz, and I try to get out and play as much of it as I can. I’d really love to do my own jazz record someday.” With that home studio up and running, we bet it’ll happen.