Jonathan Scales Fourquestra

Jonathan Scales FourquestraThe cover art’s mirror-reverse title script and fanciful imagery seem to suggest we’re down the rabbit hole. Maybe not Wonderland, but certainly an alternate universe. Inventive steel pan player Jonathan Scales delivers a disc that’s dazzling, shaded with surprising sonorities, chock-full of unexpected twists, and loads of fun. In a blink, tunes overlap jazz, funk, fusion, Latin, and even classical, frequently with mischievous humor. Scales’ crafty soloing takes his island-born instrument to a new zone. The core trio—including dynamic drummer  and chops-funker Cody Wright—is occasionally augmented by brass and/or strings. Cameo guests include bassist Victor Wooten, harmonica wizard Howard Levy, and fiddler Casey Driessen. Fiery and tight, Bronson grooves the pants off of these tricky, shifting arrangements, cross-weaving multiple styles with ease. We’ll be hearing more from this funky big-eared drummer. Fresh voices spinning a sonic delight. (

Jeff Potter


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