Product Close-Up: Boso Bamboo Drumsticks

June 2013

Product Close-Up


Natural, Dark, and Strata Bamboo Drumsticks

by Miguel Monroy

For many drummers, finding the right kind of sticks is not a quick process but rather a journey that takes a little time before reaching its destination. Tons of factors usually go into the final choice, including species of wood, weight, length, taper, bead shape, and nylon or wood tip. A new factor has recently emerged: sustainability. This is where Boso Drumsticks steps in, offering a range of options made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Bamboo is known as an excellent alternative to wood, as it averages a growth of three to five inches per day, returns 30 percent more oxygen than trees, is naturally antibacterial, and has incredible tensile strength (resistance to breaking under tension) and compressive strength. Boso uses two types of bamboo in its stick offerings. The Natural line consists of 100 percent reformed bamboo, which creates a stick that’s much lighter than one made with commonly used hickory. The Dark series is crafted from compressed bamboo, which is heavier than hickory. Boso also offers a third line, Strata, which is a combination of Natural and Dark. Strata sticks are approximately the same weight as standard hickory models.

Boso Bamboo DrumsticksBoso Bamboo Drumsticks Natural TipBoso Bamboo Drumsticks Dark 7A

We received a full line of Boso sticks for review ($14.50 per pair for all sizes). What impressed me most was having such a wide range of weight options. The 7A Natural weighs about 30 grams per stick, which proved to be perfect for light and soft songs, as well as really fast ones. The 7A Dark model weighs about 53 grams per stick, which made it a better choice for louder, more aggressive playing. The same pattern was true of the 5A, 5B, and 2B options.

Be sure to check out the complete review in the June 2013 issue of Modern Drummer.




    I’m not impressed with BOSO bamboo drumsticks. I bought a pair and they broke in less than 30 minutes of first use. From the tip down the center. Their a cheap quality product that uses marketing words like all natural, bio-degradable, good for the environment. They forgot to describe them correctly, They’re CRAP. Don’t spend the money on a worthless drumstick.

    • Jacob Tyler Avis

      That isn’t true, I hit hard with my sticks, Zildjian brand sticks broke in about 3 weeks these have lasted 10 months with no major chip

    • jgscroggins

      Have you ever stopped to think that just maybe, you got a bad batch? It happens to even the big three (Vic Firth, Vater, ProMark). I find reviews/comments like this absolutely useless and skip over because they are highly biased and based on very little experience (with the product), and, in some cases, quite comical. One bad experience and they’re just “CRAP?”…*smh*

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