Enter to Win One of These Incredible Prizes From Yamaha Drums!

Yamaha Drums Prize Package Contest


Contest valued at over $5,700!


1st Prize: Yamaha Rock Tour 4-pc drum set in Textured Red Sunburst with hardware.

Yamaha Rock Tour 4-pc drum set

The Yamaha Rock Tour can stand up to the rigors of a busy touring schedule and still provide unmatched tone when you put them under the microscope of the recording studio.

2nd Prize: DTX530K drum set with FP-9500C pedal.

DTX530K drum set

The DTX530K features the DTX-PAD snare, plus real hi-hat trigger and 3-zone cymbals.

3rd Prize: DTXM12 with the PS940 stand.

DTXM12 with the PS940 stand

The DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad features 12 trigger pads in a compact split-level configuration and includes 1,277 drum, percussion and effects sounds.

Cymbals not included.

This contest is closed. Check back soon to see who won.




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  2. I’m an older drummer that has been away from it for a long time because of nerve damage in my legs. Now I’m really wanting to get back into it & seeing as I live on a fixed income, there is now way I can afford to buy a new set. My last set ( 20 years ago ) was a 6 piece Yamaha 9000 Series 13″ 14″ toms, 16″ 18″ floor toms, 24″ bass drum & a Slingerland 14″ x 5″ snare. Anyway….I would seriously love to put these to good use.

  3. Eqqll

    Any of the prizes will work for me i can intergrade them with my set i have the yamaha bass drum will be awesome my left foot is dying for its own drum. And a new snare is a deffinate. I play everyday to every other day they will be put to good use. Cheers rock on!

  4. Wolfman

    i dont necessarily need this stuff since i already have an amazing set but it would be good just to have the electronic set for recording puposes since i cant quite afford the equipment

  5. Jammin'George

    Would LOVE to win those DTX530K’s…Played a set at Guitar Center recently…Been dreamin’ bout em ever since!

  6. Animosity137

    i would love a new drum kit i had a vintage drum kit from 1952 i had gotten handed down from my grandfather and a bunch of disrespectful punks smashed my shells cut my drum heads and warped my cymbals beyond repair all of which was original first and only drum kit i had that was three years ago i am tired of playing other peoples kits i can’t consider my self a drummer with out a drum set but in three months of drumming i had done i had gotten better than people who played for ten plus years

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