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Video Demo! Product Close-Up: V-Classic Hi-Hats, Crashes, Rides, and Jingle Splashes

This excerpt is taken from the complete review that appears in the October 2015 issue, which is available here. Product Close-Up V-Classic Hi-Hats, Crashes, Rides, and Jingle Splashes Steeped in history and tradition while keeping an eye on the future.…

Modern Drummer
Aug 27, 2015

VIDEO LESSON! Electronic Insights: Drum Miking 101, Part 4: Four Mics

This post is excerpted from the complete article that appears in the May 2015 issue. Electronic Insights Drum Miking 101 Part 4: Four Microphones by John Emrich At this point in the series, you should have a good idea of…

Modern Drummer
Mar 31, 2015

Electronic Insights: Drum Miking 101, Part 1: Single-Microphone Setups (From the January 2015 Issue)

by John Emrich In this series of articles we’ll look at how to mike a drumset, starting with a single microphone and adding one each time until we arrive at a complete close-mike configuration. The idea behind the series is…

Modern Drummer
Dec 11, 2014

Jason Aldean’s Rich Redmond

Hello MD readers! It has been some time since we last visited here. I am still enjoying life in Nashville, juggling touring, recording, producing, writing, and teaching. I love this life we live as modern drummers! I have played drums…

Modern Drummer
Dec 25, 2013

Product Close-Up: Meinl Signature Ride Cymbals (From the January 2014 Issue)

by Michael Dawson In addition to its vast and diverse catalog of stock models, Meinl also offers an array of rides designed in collaboration with key endorsing artists who represent a wide range of playing styles and who have particularly…

Modern Drummer
Dec 3, 2013

Session Drummer/Programmer Steven Wolf

My name is Steven Wolf, although most people refer to me as just Wolf. I wear many musical hats, so you may know my name from any number of places. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a…

Modern Drummer
Oct 16, 2013

VIDEO! In the Studio: Seeing Sounds, Part 5: Specialty Mics (November 2013 Issue)

  by Donny Gruendler In the first four installments of this series we discussed very broad ideas for achieving stylistically appropriate drum sounds, from pop-rock to traditional jazz. Each setup employed different drums, head selections, and tunings, and we used…

Modern Drummer
Sep 26, 2013

It’s Questionable: Technology Corner: Room Mics (October 2013 Issue)

by John Emrich A lot of people don’t understand how to capture a good room tone, and most people with a home studio don’t have the type of room that will have a sound worth capturing. A large, warm-sounding room…

Modern Drummer
Sep 4, 2013

In the Studio: Seeing Sounds, Part 4: Classic Jazz (October 2013 Issue)

Small-group jazz drumming is synonymous with legendary players such as Art Blakey, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, and Tony Williams. Although these five gentlemen had very different approaches to timekeeping, each contributed to the jazz art form and…

Modern Drummer
Aug 29, 2013

Product Close-Up: Turkish Rhythm and Soul Series Cymbals

October 2013 Product Close-Up Turkish Rhythm and Soul Series Cymbals by Kyle Andrews Turkish is a company based in Istanbul that makes all of its cymbals from scratch. It begins with a proprietary bronze formula and casts each cymbal blank…

Modern Drummer
Aug 29, 2013

John Keefe of Boys Like Girls

Hello drummers, musicians, and other curious readers! My name is John Keefe, though some people call me Beef! I play drums in a band called Boys Like Girls, and I occasionally do some outside session work when I have the…

Modern Drummer
Oct 24, 2012

Jason Heiser of Charm City Devils

Hello, Modern Drummer family! My name is Jason Heiser, and I’m the drummer for Charm City Devils. I feel honored and privileged to be writing a blog for this magazine that I have been reading for many years. It’s been…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2012

Shai Hulud’s Matt Covey

Hey guys, this is Matt Covey of Shai Hulud, the Suicide Dolls, and the Flaming Tsunamis. And the Hempsteadys. And the Franklin Brothers...and Young Pandas (aaand I’m out of breath). I’m having a hard time believing that I’m writing a…

Modern Drummer
Apr 18, 2012

Scott Underwood of Train

Story by Rick Long Photo by Kevin Packard   Everyone in the music business is talking about declining sales and canceled tours. Everyone except the band known as Train. Their album Save Me, San Francisco includes the hit “Hey, Soul…

Modern Drummer
Nov 14, 2011