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Ricky Lawson Passes

Ricky Lawson, the veteran drummer who worked with Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, the Yellowjackets, Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, and Earth, Wind & Fire, among other top artists, has passed away. Look for a full tribute to Ricky in an upcoming…

Modern Drummer
Dec 27, 2013

Back Through the Stack: Harvey Mason

“I never really thought of being a professional musician,” says Harvey Mason. “Music is something I did for fun and enjoyment, and coming from a poor family, there was no way I was going to do anything that wouldn’t make…

Modern Drummer
Sep 22, 2011

Influencer: Alan Dawson

Alan Dawson was an outstanding jazz drummer and a legendary teacher. He was strongly influenced by Papa Jo Jones, and his first break came in the early ’50s with the Lionel Hampton band. By 1951 he was working with Sabby…

Modern Drummer
Dec 7, 2009

Rick Latham: For Him, It’s All About The Groove

Two thousand nine has a lot in store for Rick Latham. First up is his new DVD, All About The Groove. “I believe that drummers need to play a lot of different styles to stay busy,” says Latham, whose own…

Modern Drummer
Feb 25, 2009

Ralph MacDonald: Living The Island Life

(July 2004 Issue) The lyrics from one of Ralph MacDonald's songs on his latest CD, Home Grown, start and end with words that sum up his life: "There is no better life than the island life. I love the island…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2004