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Showroom: 1710 Percussion Delivers Custom Drums With Powerful Sounds

1710 Percussion is a Maryland-based company that creates custom drums for rock, folk, jazz, classical, funk, and gospel drummers. Started in 2012, 1710 Percussion started as a hobby of building personal snare drums and refurbishing kits and then quickly turned…

Modern Drummer
Sep 29, 2014

19th Annual KoSA Camp Delivers Clear and Straightforward Sentiment: “I Just Wanna Drum!???

The 19th KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp, and Festival celebrated its annual week of intensive learning, living, and playing with internationally celebrated drum and percussion masters this past July in the serene mountains of Vermont. KoSA co-founders and directors…

Modern Drummer
Sep 9, 2014

Grover Pro Aluminum-Handle Bass Drum Mallets

Grover Pro’s six new models of aluminum handle bass drum mallets feature .625"-diameter aluminum shafts with a finish that is easy to grip. The weight of the aluminum handle adds more “punch,” bringing out more bottom end from any size…

Modern Drummer
Aug 21, 2014

Grover Pro now offering colored ChromaTone timpani mallets.

The colored felts of ChromaTone seamless timpani mallets are molded to a solid core. The mating of the core to the lightweight bamboo handles moves the center of gravity forward, which is said to produce a round sonority with greater…

Modern Drummer
Aug 8, 2014

Rhythm House Drums’ Eco-Friendly Hand Drums

Located outside Charlotte, North Carolina, RHD specializes in custom-made hand drums that are build from locally felled lumber and are designed in an eco-friendly manner to reduce waste. The company offers djembes, ashiko drums, and sets of dunun. RHD also…

Modern Drummer
Jul 25, 2014

Latin Percussion Replica “Original??? Bongos and a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Black Beauty Cowbell

A replica of the first drums crafted by LP founder Martin Cohen in 1964, each set of Original satin mahogany bongos come with original 1964 head graphics, natural rawhide heads, and special commemorative badges. Outfitted with traditional chrome-plated rims and…

Modern Drummer
Jun 20, 2014

Shakerstix Drumsticks With Built-In Shaker Sound!

Shakerstix are played as a traditional drumstick with an added shaker sound. The SSRT1 model has the look and feel of a traditional 5A drumstick. Model SSDR1 combines the Shakerstix design with a wooden rod-style stick to achieve a softer…

Modern Drummer
Jun 18, 2014

Nick Zamora of the Suffers

Hey, Modern Drummer readers! My name is Nick Zamora. I play drums for the Suffers, a Gulf Coast soul band from Houston, TX. This past spring, I had a crazy week in Austin, TX. This was the Suffers’ first invitation…

Modern Drummer
Jun 9, 2014

Gretsch Drums Names Brent Barnett as New Artist Relations Manager

Gretsch Drums is pleased to announce that it has named Brent Barnett as its new artist relations manager, replacing Kim Graham, who announced her retirement in May. Barnett has worked in the percussion division of KMC Music, Gretsch’s US distributor,…

Modern Drummer
Jun 7, 2014

Brett “the Ratt??? Romnes of I Am the Avalanche

Hi, my name is Brett “the Ratt” Romnes, and I am the drummer and producer for I Am The Avalanche. I am not sure exactly where and when my musical journey began because when I was quite young my grandmother…

Modern Drummer
Jun 4, 2014

Nile’s George Kollias to Conduct Drum Camp in Los Angeles

World-renowned heavy metal drummer, educator, and instructional DVD creator George Kollias (Nile) in conducting his first drum camp this coming May 15–18 at the Hilton Woodland Hills/Los Angeles located at 6360 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills, CA. Produced by MUSO Entertainment,…

Modern Drummer
Mar 13, 2014

VIDEO! Rock & Jazz Clinic: Give the Audience Some! (From the March 2014 Issue)

  by Mike Johnston Playing songs in odd times can be challenging to you as a drummer, but one thing that doesn’t get much attention is how tough odd times can be on the audience. It’s called “odd” for a…

Modern Drummer
Mar 11, 2014

Stanton Moore Announces SONO Las Vegas Drum Camp in April

Grammy award-winning drummer, author, and educator Stanton Moore (Galactic) debuts his SONO Las Vegas Drum Camp, April 11–13 at the Alexis Park Hotel and Spa. Produced by MUSO Entertainment, this exclusive three-day music camp celebrates the legacy and rich musical…

Modern Drummer
Mar 3, 2014

Mike Brennan ReverbNation/Modern Drummer Fantasy Camp Winner

  Hi! I’ve been playing drums for thirty-four years and have been performing for almost that long. I started with playing drums in the high school jazz band. I’ve been teaching and writing method books for about twenty-five years; I…

Modern Drummer
Feb 6, 2014