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Tate Cunningham of SafetySuit

Hello, MD readers! I’m writing from my home in Nashville, Tennessee. I think I can speak for all touring musicians when I say that “home” is one of those words that can take on a whole new meaning on the…

Modern Drummer
Feb 14, 2012

Alex Sassaris of Eve to Adam

If drums could talk, mine would say, “Why are you hitting us so hard? Do you think you could take it easy tonight”? My response? “Sorry, boys, we gotta put on a show, we have a job to do, let’s…

Modern Drummer
Sep 21, 2011

Nick Brennan of the Static Jacks

Hello, MD readers! I’m Nick Brennan from the Static Jacks and I’m twenty-one years old. I feel honored to be sharing my drumming experience with you! I started playing the drums in third grade at Wilson Elementary, when the music…

Modern Drummer
Sep 15, 2011

Drum God: Dave Grohl

Born January 14, 1969, Warren, Ohio Bio Born in Warren, Ohio, and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Grohl kicked off his music career in the 80’s drumming for the band Freak Baby and later joined the Washington, DC punk rock band…

Modern Drummer
Aug 25, 2008

Dave Grohl: Returning To His Roots With Probot

(September 2005 Issue)Many drummers have hit it big since the post-metal resurgence of the early '90s. But no one has had the impact and influence of Dave Grohl. With the full-body flam and bass drum contortions of Nirvana's "Smells Like…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2004