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Barrett Deems: The Original Speed Demon

Though Barrett Deems was known as “the world’s fastest drummer”—resulting in his earning premier billing at Chicago’s Randolph Square in the 1940s and accolades from Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich—Deems’ effortless swing, solid time, and propulsive drive were the traits…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2010

Kenny "Klook" Clarke

Kenny Clarke emerged from the swing bands of the '30s, but was actually the first important drummer of the bop era. Born in Pittsburgh in 1914, Clarke began his career with Roy Eldridge and around the Midwest with the Jeter-Pillars…

Modern Drummer
Jun 11, 2010

O’Neil Spencer: Show Drumming’s Shooting Star

Solidly rooted in the Sid Catlett school of drumming was O’Neil Spencer, a somewhat lesser-known player who nonetheless had a significant effect on the musicians he played with and the drummers who heard him. Spencer was born in Cedarville, Ohio,…

Modern Drummer
Jun 7, 2010

Sidney “Big Sid" Catlett: Busting Open Doors To The Modern Drumming Age

Though Big Sid Catlett came out of the swing era, he is best remembered for a drumming style that had a marked influence on the bop drummers of the ’40s. Catlett bridged the gap between the two genres, and his…

Modern Drummer
Mar 22, 2010

Arthur "Zutty" Singleton: True Jazz Drumming Pioneer

 “We just kept the rhythm going and hardly ever took a solo.” —Zutty Singleton Zutty Singleton was born in Bunkie, Louisiana in 1898, and was basically a self-taught drummer. During his illustrious career he worked with Steve Louis, The Tuxedo…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2009

Warren “Baby??? Dodds: The World's First Great Jazz Drummer

“Dodds was swingin’ so much, I was late an entire set. But I couldn’t leave. I sat down and just stayed.” —Philly Joe Jones “Baby taught me more than all the others. He was the first great soloist.” —Gene Krupa…

Modern Drummer
Dec 15, 2009

Buddy Rich: The World's Greatest Drummer

Buddy Rich has been called the greatest jazz drummer of all time—a statement that few would argue with. Buddy was born on September 30, 1917, and his drumming career spanned seven decades, beginning when he was just eighteen months old…

Modern Drummer
Dec 4, 2009