September 2021 – Volume 45 • Number 9


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Articles in September 2021

Creative Calamities

Ringo put a very fine point on it when he sang, “It don’t come easy.” Sure, there are lucky schmoes who seem to attract celebrity, accolades, and riches without appearing to have much talent, or even an ounce of ambition.…

By Michael Molenda
Sep 30, 2021

Drum Show Roundup

Modern Drummer Revisits Two Pandemic-Era Drum Extravaganzas The past 20 or so months have devastated music tours, trade shows, club gigs, and just about any large gathering of humanity. The number of events cancelled or postponed during the global pandemic…

By Bob Campbell
Sep 30, 2021

Bernard Purdie

Excerpted from the November 1985 Cover Story Known as the “Father Time” of modern drumming, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie has drummed up an almost unbeatable record of more than 3,000 album credits—many of them smash hits. He has cut across all…

By Connie Fisher
Sep 30, 2021

Matt Sorum

New Book, Celebrating Vinyl, Saving Animals, and Producing Billy Gibbons Matt Sorum has had about as cool a drumming career as one could possibly hope for. In a business that can be notoriously hard, Sorum has navigated the often-perilous world…

By Rich Scannella
Sep 30, 2021

Donn Bennett’s Drum Vault

Logo Heads Several years ago, I made the decision to begin selling off my drum collection. I’d spent decades amassing one of the most extensive collections of rare and vintage drums in the world. One of the biggest factors leading…

By Donn Bennett
Sep 30, 2021

Kenny Malone

August 4, 1938 – August 26, 2021 When it came to the artistry of drums, musicality, creativity, and imagination on a session or a gig, Kenny Malone offered up his soul every time he touched the drums. When he spoke…

By Robyn Flans
Sep 30, 2021

Authentic Latin Rhythms

Listening implants music in a person at a very early age. Listening is accepting all different genres of music—from ethnic to jazz, rock, classical, Latin, African, and everything else. This is when we really begin to understand the different essences…

By Alex Acuña
Sep 30, 2021

The Courage to Connect

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I want to look at the very uncomfortable topic of suicide. I realize this article isn’t something you would normally find in a musicians’ magazine, but think about it—how many incredible artists,…

By Lauren Monroe
Sep 30, 2021


Saturn Four-Piece Rock Shell Pack Resonance appears to be an essential element of almost every component of the Saturn SR529XU Rock architecture. With a focus on warm and robust tones, these drums sound explosive and articulate in every application—whether that’s…

By Jon Christ
Sep 30, 2021

Muppet Mania Bill Ruck’s Tribute to his Wife

Owen Sound, Ontario drummer Bill Ruck grew up with a fascination for the three players who would become his main stylistic influences: Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Dino Danelli. “My parents were in their 40s when I was born, so…

By Michael Molenda
Sep 30, 2021

Rock Doc Drummers

Maybe there’s something in the water. Or the air. Or perhaps it’s simply the streaming services deluging us with content while everyone is looking for anything to take their minds off of the global pandemic. But, wow, a ton of…

Modern Drummer
Sep 30, 2021

Russ Miller

Building an Empire One Brick at a Time Russ Miller is known throughout the music industry as a go-to session musician, top-level music creator, in-demand educator, and an incredibly successful businessperson. He has spent his nearly 40 years as a…

By Sarah Hagan
Sep 30, 2021

Hugh Syme’s Four Decades of Rush Dreamscapes

Rockers, art directors, and artists have made great teams since the glory days of album art—even right up to the slightly less awesomeness of tiny, non-tactile images on Spotify and other streaming services. From Reid Miles’ iconic Blue Note album…

By Michael Molenda
Sep 30, 2021


Concept Select Series Snare Drums PDP’s new Concept Select Series is a collection of three beautiful metallic snare drums designed with DW Drums in California. PDP obviously sought to up its game with these metal glories, and, as a result,…

By Dana Parker
Sep 30, 2021

Cool Percussion Goodies

Just as guitar players always seem to be on the lookout for new pedals, percussionists appear to be forever seeking unique things they can add to their armory of stuff to shake, hit, and slap. Many of the products profiled…

By Michael Molenda
Sep 30, 2021

Minna Koskenlahti

Casting Musical Spells “Stillness” is not a term typically applied to percussion. Stuff gets hit, walloped, thrashed, pounded, and otherwise pummeled, which suggests motion and dynamic kineticism. But on her debut solo album Toinen/Other , Finnish experimental-percussionist Minna Koskenlahti explores…

By Michael Molenda Photos by Mitro Härkönen
Sep 30, 2021

Joey Jordison

April 26, 1975 – July 26, 2021 Metal maestro Joey Jordison—who had a seismic impact on aggressive rock as a drummer, guitarist, songwriter, and band leader—passed away on July 26, 2021. He was 46 years old, and had suffered from…

By Michael Molenda
Sep 30, 2021

My Drum Kit Monument to Musical Giants

In music, it is not who you are, but who you are with. I have been incredibly lucky to write, record, and perform with some amazing musicians for more than half a century. Sadly, many of these band mates are…

By Corky Laing
Sep 30, 2021

The Drummer as Entertainer

It doesn’t seem fair. The band is having a hot night. The singer is wailing, guitars are screaming, keyboards are thumping, and you and the bass player are locked in tight. Everything is falling into the pocket. But you look…

By Bruce Matheson, June 1996
Sep 30, 2021