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February 2022:
Breaking Down “Lightning in a Bottle”

When I start the Summer Set’s “Lightning in a Bottle,” I like using the rim. In the recording, it sounds like there’s a hi-hat, but when I play it live, I change it up. I like to add ghost notes with my left hand to fill it out a little …

September 2021:
Rock Doc Drummers

Maybe there’s something in the water. Or the air. Or perhaps it’s simply the streaming services deluging us with content while everyone is looking for anything to take their minds off of the global pandemic. But, wow, a ton of great music documentaries have exploded onto screens large and small …

August 2013:
Up & Coming – The Summer Set's Jess Bowen
Jess Bowen

Jess Bowen is no stranger to the “boys’ club” mentality that female drummers have dealt with for decades. “I was playing a show at the Roxy a few years ago,” she says, “and the first thing the sound guy said to me was, ‘I’m going to soundcheck your drums for …

Posted: June 27, 2013

Category: Drummers, Issues, News, News and Events
August 2013 Issue of Modern Drummer Featuring Zigaboo Modeliste

See what’s in the August 2013 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, featuring Zigaboo Modeliste…

Posted: May 8, 2012

Category: News, News and Events
D’Arcus Curry, Angieszka Matusczak, and Karmi Santiago Announced as Winners of Hit Like A Girl 2012

The sponsors and supporters of “Hit Like A Girl 2012??? are proud to announce the winners of the first ever drumming contest for girls and women. (read more)

Posted: August 1, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Jess Bowen of the Summer Set

My name is Jess Bowen, and this is my second blog for MD. If this is your first time reading, here’s a basic run-through of my band and myself…

Posted: September 2, 2021

Category: The Modern Drummer Podcast
Episode 49: Billy Amendola with Jess Bowen.

Welcome to the Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola featuring the Summer Sets’ Jess Bowen. Jess is one of the drummers highlighted in the inspirational Netflix documentary, out now, about drums and drumming, titled “Count Me In.” We highly recommend watching it. Jess fills us in on her early days, …