Max Weinberg – Bruce Springsteen – Tour Kit Rundown

Modern Drummer had the immense privilege of reuniting with the iconic Max Weinberg in February 2023 amid the Springsteen & E Street Band 2023 Tour. Max graciously provided us with an in-depth look at his tour kit, offering not only a glimpse into its components but also sharing historical anecdotes and valuable advice for drummers, both young and old.

Following Max’s insightful presentation, drum tech Matt Payne continued to enlighten us by guiding us through the intricate gear and processes that are integral to supporting Max’s stellar performance night after night.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Troy Milner, the band’s trusted monitor engineer. Troy shared insights into the advanced equipment he utilizes to deliver the perfect monitor mix tailored to each band member’s unique needs, ensuring a flawless experience for them during every performance. Advertisement

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Max’s rundown here: