Live From IronShore – Ep 1: Jay Weinberg | A Modern Drummer HOF Tribute to Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen’s drumming has profoundly shaped the landscape of modern music and performance. His distinctive style, rhythmic innovation and iconic drum sound are deeply embedded in the DNA of the music we enjoy today. Moreover, his elaborate and customized drum sets have undoubtedly influenced a generation of young drummers, encouraging them to expand their kits with additional drums or cymbals, or to create their own unique, custom drum setups.

In honor of Alex Van Halen’s prestigious 2023 induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, we are thrilled to present an exclusive video series that pays tribute to Alex’s remarkable career and enduring legacy. The Series was filmed at the incredible IronShore Studios in Grand Cayman and features interviews and performances by 3 of todays most recognized drummers, playing on Alex’s actual 2012 custom touring drum set, built by the great John Douglas.

The first episode features drummer Jay Weinberg. Jay speaks to Modern drummer publisher/CEO David Frangioni about his encounters with Alex Van Halen and how he influenced his drumming and career. Following the interview, Jay performs his own version of Van Halen’s “Running With the Devil” on Alex’s drum kit. Though purposely not the same as Alex’s drum parts, Jay pays homage to Alex’s uniqueness by bringing his own originality to the performance. Advertisement

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