Epic Drumming, Dynamics, and Dance   Striding into a New York City hotel, Ronnie Vannucci resembles a dangerous character out of a movie about the Gold Rush or the Civil War. With his jet-black hair, chiseled features, and penetrating gaze, the six-foot-one drummer could easily play a character like Wyatt Earp—or Jesse James. Seeing how Vannucci and his band hail from Las Vegas, perhaps the last remnant of what once was America’s Old West, and how the drummer’s playing is as epic as a classic Hollywood western, the profile he cuts in person seems absolutely appropriate. Storming his drums on such Killers hits as “When You Were Young,” “The World We Live In,” and “Human,” among many others, Vannucci brings true rock ’n’ roll grit to songs often based on dreams gone wrong or memories of better times. An