Product Close-Up


K Custom Dark 19″ and 20″ Crashes

Larger sizes and bigger bells for increased volume and sustain.

Zildjian’s product catalog already covers a wide swath of tones, from the bright, all-purpose sound of the A series to the deeper, warmer vibe of the K line to the vintage-like complexity of Constantinople and Kerope models. The K Custom series is an offshoot of the basic K and is where the company places its more contemporary and modern designs, like the popular half-lathed Hybrids and unique rides like the Special Dry, High Definition, and Organic.

The K Custom series also includes a full range of more all-purpose cymbals, from 10″ splashes to 22″ rides. In response to requests from artists and dealers alike, the company recently expanded the K Custom crash collection to include larger 19″ and 20″ models that offer the same warm, rich, and expressive qualities as the smaller cymbals but with added volume and sustain. These crashes also feature larger bells to help boost their cutting power.

The 19″ and 20″ crashes are medium-thin (they give a little when you bend them with your hands) and fully lathed, and they feature a lot of extra hammer marks on top. They were highly expressive at all dynamics, and they opened up quickly, with a full, balanced voice, whether struck lightly with a glancing blow from a thin stick or punched aggressively with a heavy 2B.

Their sustain was long and musical, and their decay was smooth and even. Accented crashes had just enough high-end sibilance to cut through without being piercing. The pitch differential between the two cymbals was about a third, which gave them plenty of contrast while remaining sonically cohesive. Crash-riding them created a warm wash that supported the band without being overbearing, and you could get some convincing ride and bell tones from them for alternate textures in lighter sections of tunes. They recorded great and packed plenty of power for live situations. No doubt you’re going to be seeing these big but versatile crashes on a lot of stages and hearing them on plenty of recordings in the very near future.

Michael Dawson