How old were you when you first started playing drums?

Three years old. Haven’t looked back since!
Herman Watson

Four! It’s the best thing in the world being a student of this amazing instrument. It has given me so much.
Aditya Bhagavatula

Five years old, but I had to take piano as well per my mom.

Seven—thirty years ago this Christmas.
Matt White

Oscar Balza

Aizen Cramp Aniq


Twenty-two. I’m now twenty-six.
Aayush Gupta

Lilia Toktarova



Forty-five. I’m a late developer.
Neil G. Foster

Gary Fryett

Isabelle Duss Oehninger

Fifty-six and I love it.
Natasha Wiggs

I still feel like I just started.
Hawk Lopez


Art Vs. Commerce —

What’s your take?


Well, it’s respectable, but it’s different for everybody. I think that if you don’t risk a bit at some point and you never do the music you love, it’s stupid to be a musician. Musician means artist. If you never do the art that is in your heart, it’s a clueless career.

Everyone wants to call others a sellout, until they themselves have a wife and kids and realize it’s easy to call people sellouts when you aren’t paying your own way. It’s a luxury position of youth.
Patrick Melville

Playing music I don’t like kills me inside. I’d rather get a different job. I’d be lying to myself and the audience if I played something I wouldn’t listen to. If you like it, though, more power to you.
Enrico Gusella

I did thirty years in cover-band land and worked with a corporate band that put me at six figures for a bit. In the end, those gigs put some money in my hand for a short while. And while I saved some, I passed up many opportunities that would have seen me getting royalties on album sales. It’s such a crap shoot (emphasis on the “crap”), but if you can make it work, then you’re winning.

Somewhere along the way, getting a job became “selling out.”

Slippery slope. I would have said the same thing not too long ago. I’m currently doing both. Sometimes the cover gig outweighs the session work and original band work. It’s work, so take it while you can.

We all need money to live. Making it playing drums is a win/win.
Joshua Karis



Rototoms: Oh, How We…Love You?

Carter McLean

The drums themselves are great, but I really hate the stand.

They sure sounded good on Spring Session M.

Rototom Bozzio was the best Bozzio!
Chris Jansen

I left them but now I wish I had them back!

Loved them back in the day, felt old and cheesy so I gave them away.
Michael Flaherty

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