Robby Ameen’s Live From the Poster Museum Jazz Series

Drummer Robby Ameen, who was featured in the Modern Drummer March 2023 Issue, is kicking off his “Live From the Poster Museum Jazz Series” at The Poster Museum in Tribeca, NYC. The appearance commences today, January 11th, 2024, and will continue every Thursday until February 1st. The band features Robby Ameen on drums, Bob Francheschini on saxophone, Conrad Herwig on trombone, Troy Roberts on saxophone, Edsel Gomez on Fender Rhodes, and Lincoln Goines on bass.

From a recent press release:

Robby Ameen’s Live From the Poster Museum Jazz Series is reminiscent of the cultural phenomenon that was the loft scene of the 1970s, encompassing the same genre-shifting freedom, casual atmosphere and focus and intent on collaboration, interaction and improvisation, that was omni-present in those spaces.

“Harkening back to the ’70s Loft scene, Robby Ameen has been hosting regular Thursday evening performances by his quartet in downtown Manhattan’s Poster Museum. Leading a band of longtime colleagues from the world of Latin jazz, Bob Franceschini (saxophones), Edsel Gomez (Fender Rhodes electric piano) and Lincoln Goines (acoustic bass), the veteran drummer got the second night (May 6th) of the series started by reaching back into his repertoire of originals with an updated rendition of his 2009 piece ‘Swiftboating’ driven by multi-directional drumming-cowbell clanging and tambourine-topped sock cymbal rattling-Franceschini took off blowing bold tenor with palpable intensity over the jagged melodic line, his dark tone at times reminiscent of Archie Shepp and Gato Barbieri, before the song closed out with a climactic drum solo. The set continued with a piece from Amen’s latest album, Diluvio, ‘Fast Eye’ a soulful outing with Gomez’ swirling upper-register notes dancing around an insistent left-hand bassline evoking the spirit of Herbie Hancock’ Headhunters and a drum solo over a zigzagging vamp recalling the Fort Apache Band’s arrangement of Thelonious Monk’s ‘Evidence’. Things got even funkier with ‘Cremant’ a feature for Goines. The set ended with he and Ameen dueting to kick off an extended version of Wayne Shorter’s ‘Footprints’, a staple from their decades with the late Dave Valentin, which had Franceschini wailing on the soprano saxophone.” – Russ Musto, The New York City Jazz Record Advertisement

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