U2 to Play Las Vegas Residency Without Larry Mullen Jr.

U2, photo courtesy of band

After announcing their upcoming Las Vegas residency titled “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere” during the Super Bowl, the band has confirmed their performances will not feature their longtime drummer Larry Mullen Jr., who is still recovering from surgery.

The residency, which is set to launch in The Venetian’s MSG Sphere in the Fall, will instead feature Bram van den Berg behind the kit, who made his name drumming for the Dutch alternative band Krezip. The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise for many U2 fans, after Mullen Jr. himself divulged in late 2022 that he would likely miss out on touring for all of 2023 as he recovers from surgery. It’s unknown whether or not van den Berg will continue filling in for Mullen Jr. beyond their 2023 residency at The Venetian.

In a statement, U2 has confirmed that Mullen Jr. will not be participating in the residency. “It’s going to take all we’ve got to approach the Sphere without our bandmate in the drum seat, but Larry has joined us in welcoming Bram van den Berg, who is a force in his own right,” said the band. Advertisement

The residency will take place at The Venetian’s newly-constructed MSG Sphere, a 17,500 seat arena complete with 4D technology and a large video screen that wraps around the venue. The concert series will celebrate U2’s 1991 album Achtung Baby. Current U2 members Bono, The Edge, and Adam Clayton are confirmed to participate in the residency. In a press statement, U2 previewed the residency by saying, “We’re the right band, Achtung Baby the right album and the Sphere the right venue to take the live experience to the next level.”

As for van den Berg, the Dutch drummer’s current band Krezip shared a post on Instagram congratulating him and mentioning his longtime love of U2. “We are incredibly proud of him!! The fact that a legendary band like U2, and also one of Bram’s favorite bands, has now come his way is unbelievable!,” said Krezip. Known for his technical prowess and versatility, van den Berg is a perfect fit for U2’s eclectic and dynamic sound, and it appears that while Mullen Jr. will always be U2’s drummer, the band has definitely found what they were looking for.