ASCENDIA: Bringing “This War” To The Forefront

Coming from Toronto’s heavy music scene, ASCENDIA drew first from what they and their peers grew up on – Black Sabbath, Dio, Kiss and symphonic metal like Nightwish – and as their tastes broadened, their music went through a metamorphosis.  The product of this change is their forthcoming album, PARASITE, and the first notion of it, the new single “This War.”

“This War” is an anthem for those who struggle internally and their suffering.  “Everyone faces adversity and everyone has a battle going on deep within them,” explains vocalist, Nick Sakal.    “For some of us it’s from the moment we wake up in the morning till we put our heads on our pillows to sleep at night. It’s a reminder to never give up and to always keep fighting.”

Brothers John (guitar) and Billy Love (drums) combine as a songwriting engine for the trio that also includes childhood friend /power-vocalist Sakal.  The push and pull between the very different siblings creates songs with Billy’s high energy / passion and John’s introspection / depth – the best of both worlds.  With Nick’s warm, expressive vocal style, the songs are brought to life in the most authentic way.  Advertisement

Combining what they learned from commercial rock contemporaries with elements they liked of Country and Pop songs, ASCENDIA has created a body of work that will unfold upon multiple listens.  Early listener comparisons to Linkin Park, Disturbed and Nothing More bode well for the band members who are fans of those bands.

If Billy Love looks familiar, it’s because he (@billylovebaby) has a following on TikTok for his fitness tips, doled out with fun and attitude.  He kills his haters with hilarity – using his gregarious nature and truly winning personality to amass a following of close to 200k on the app. He makes the natural connection from fitness to drumming “I started working out for stamina – being able to play long shows without getting winded.  Fitness went from something I did for practical reasons to something I really enjoyed.  I am as excited to share our new music as I have been to share fitness advice.”

The band is getting ready to play shows after the long break necessitated by the pandemic.  They can’t wait to get out there and meet you!   Find the band at @ascendiamusic on all socials Advertisement

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