Levara – Album Review ‘Levara’ LP with UK Drummer Josh Devine – 5/15/21

by Josh Buchignani


With the release of Levara’s debut self-titled album “LEVARA”, Modern Drummer takes a look at the record  and the drumming of UK based Josh Devine (One Direction’s tour drummer).

Levara has a unique and classic rock anthemic sound with a modern pop twist and Josh Devine’s drumming is spot on.

The track “Automatic”, is a catchy rocking love song that showcases Devine’s clean and solid playing on a great overall track that has a chorus that you may just start singing to on first listen. Josh delivers intensity and drive throughout the song with great feel and tasteful embellishments.

The powerfully driven ballad  “Allow”,  showcases the dynamic interplay between musicians, and Devine’s groovy tom work pushes the track forward in style.

“Ever Enough”, focuses more on a slower syncopated groove on the toms in which Devine’s musicality supports phrases played by the other instruments beautifully. Hits throughout the track that are played in unison by guitar, drums, and bass are set up by hard-hitting fills that are elegantly executed, adding perpetual motion throughout the song.

On the track, “Chameleon”, Josh does an exceptional job producing a huge sound that brings the group’s rhythm section to its fullest potential. Accompanying the acoustic kit, are some hybrid electric percussive elements such as claps and rim clicks. Once again, it is easy to hear the synchronicity between each instrument and how Devine’s ear is attuned to making magic in different musical situations. Advertisement


Overall Levaras’s new LP is definitely worth the listen, and can be found on all major platforms.

Head to to buy, download or stream the album released 5/14/21 on Mascot Records.


Here is the ‘Automatic’ Josh Devine Drum Playthrough:

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