The Dave Weckl Band Live in St. Louis at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019 – Album Review – April 9th, 2021

Review By Rob Coen

St. Louis, home of great bar-b-que, the Gateway Arch, the Chesterfield Jazz and Wine Festival and drumming legend himself, Dave Weckl. Filmed and recorded at the 2019 Chesterfield Jazz and Wine Festival, this The Dave Weckl Band Live album is a triumph of musical mastery. Accompanying Mr. Weckl (drums) are Gary Meek (sax), Jay Oliver (keyboards), Tom Kennedy (bass), and Buzz Feiten (guitar).

From the soulful keys intro on “Tribute”, we are presented with an overall picture of just how sophisticated these musicians are. Each one bringing their years of musical talents to the table, the track is dynamic and heartfelt. The rhythm section of Weckl and Kennedy shines on “Rhythm-a-ning” having a musical showdown between drums and bass. Evidence that the rhythm section is the heart and soul of any ensemble. The tune is tight, groovy and entertaining.



“The Chicken” is a bonus track on the album and showcases why Dave Weckl is a legend in the drumming world, his playing (as usual) is flawless, seamless, and is the bar at which most (if not all!) of us drummers try to achieve. This was an encore jam at the end of the set where Dave invited Rob Silverman to play on his Zen Drum (Drumology), Michael Silverman on keys, and Eric Marienthal on Sax to close out the festival with this rocking tune. Advertisement



What makes this album even more special is that it was the first live show of The Dave Weckl Band in over a decade. When the pandemic subsides and the live music floodgates are reopened, we should all enjoy a bit of Bar-b-que, wine and The Dave Weckl Band at the closest venue possible.

The Dave Weckl Band Live At The Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019 Album is the first Dave Weckl album release under his new record label Autumn Hill Records, the worldwide leader in instrumental music with 6 Billion streams and counting. Head to to stream the album.

Check out this video of the “Big B Little B” track from the album:

Check out this video of the “The Zone” track from the album: