LooBaba Ravi Drums Cuba Changes – The Music Endures – The Urban Latin Experience

LooBaba is a labor of love for Ravi, Ty, and Gumbi, all very accomplished musicians who have collaborated on this organic project. They basically snuck into Cuba and recorded it on various patios.  Ravi self produced this music video and LOOBABA has not yet been released. 

Raul Castro’s departure from political life represents the end of the Castro era & a step in the process of generational transition between those who lived through the 1959 revolution and the new generation, but the music as history continues to prove; endures, soothes, provides cultural continuity, and solidifies who the Cuban people are at the heart of the Nation.

Call it an anthem for our time, the definition of the Urban Latin Experience, a continuation of the history of Cuban music in a changing and emerging new political climate in Cuba…and we believe the next chapter in Music following in the iconic footsteps of the Buena Vista Social Club.

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