A Look Back – Thomas Lang’s ‘ProgPop’ Album Review (Video Lessons Attached!)

Review by Rob Coen
Thomas Lang’s latest solo project ProgPop has a great deal of musical flavor with accompanying musicians that include Marc Bonilla, Ginny Luke on vocals, Wojek Pilichowski, Ed Poole on bass, Leah Woodward, Jeremy Barnes, and Tobias Mertens on guitar.

On the opening track “Time”, Lang does not disappoint giving us an education not only in multi pedal configuration but multi-tasking execution as well. His use of octobans weaving throughout gives the track a nonchalant, uncrowded groove. Lang demonstrates how you can create a complex, rhythmically overlaying composition when you have all the right tools in the drummer tool belt.

Listening to the array of sounds being emitted from the drum kit on the track “High” reminds the listener that this is a single drummer, add in the skillful relationship between bass and drums and it shapes the track into a tight, funky, entertaining pop tune that has plenty of in the pocket groove. Advertisement

Next up “Donkey” incorporates Tobias Mertens (guitar), Kevin Chown (bass), and Freddie Nelson (vocals). Lang’s opening double bass lick gives the track that driving edge from beginning to end, which offers the listener a no holds barred, leave the musical restrictions at the door approach.

Overall ProgPop is just as the name states, a melding of the progressive rock and pop genre that dynamically showcases Lang’s monster drumming. Thomas Lang and friends laid down tracks that are creative, full of energy and an overall rocking good time, which is something we need more of in the world of lock-downs and social distancing.

Check out Thomas Lang’s full performance of ‘Time’ from ProgPop:

Thomas was kind enough to provide Modern Drummer with 7 video lessons breaking down the song “Time”:

Now Watch the Lesson Videos!


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