Don Lombardi Receives PAS President’s Industry Award

Don Lombardi PAS Award

Drum Channel founder Don Lombardi has received the Percussive Arts Society’s President’s Industry Award. The award is given each year to recognize outstanding leadership in the drum industry as well as significant contributions to drums, drummers, and drumming.

After starting his career as a drummer and teacher in Los Angeles, Lombardi opened the Drum Workshop in Santa Monica, California, in 1972. He later designed and began manufacturing the world’s first height-adjustable, barrel-style drum throne and other percussion products.

Through a series of acquisitions and mechanical inspiration, Lombardi combined a revolutionary chain-and-sprocket drive system with a popular bass drum pedal, creating the legendary DW 5000. Additional refinements led to the DW 5002 double bass drum pedal and DW’s industry-standard 9000 Series hardware as well as the successful development of DW Drums in the early 1990s. Advertisement

Having built Drum Workshop into one of the largest and most influential drum companies in the world—with more than thirty advanced design patents and management of the DW, PDP, LP, Gretsch, and Slingerland brands—Lombardi established Drum Channel to share his passion for drumming, expand the level of drum education, and grow the community.