Nick D’Virgilio Play-Through #3: “Money (That’s What I Want)”

Nick used a Tama Star Maple kit to bring home the “money.”

If the reaction of Modern Drummer readers is any indication, Nick D’Virgilio must have a smash hit on his hands with his new album, Invisible [Sweetwater Studios]. The community has certainly embraced the record, blowing up our socials and website with pretty massive engagement around his first two play-throughs.

Discover play-through #1 and read about the whole concept of the album.

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The latest in D’Virgilio’s series of Invisible play-through videos is “Money (That’s What I Want).”


For the slow burn of a track that opens up into soaring textures of guitars and keyboards, Nick selected a Tama Star Maple kit to drive the groove.

“This song has a cinematic feel to it—very brooding and hypnotizing,” says D’Virgilio. “I needed a drum sound that was clean and precise, but also warm and punchy. The Tama Star Maple was a great choice for this track. These drums are hand built by the artisans at the Tama factory in Japan. They thought of every detail in the build, and that certainly comes out in the sound and feel of these drums.”

The rest of the gear chosen for “Money (That’s What I Want)” included a TAMA Starphonic Aluminum 6 x 14 snare, Remo and Evans heads, Vic Firth American Classic 55A woodtip sticks, and Sabian HHX Legacy cymbals. Advertisement

“Designed with major input from drummer Dave Weckl, the HHX cymbals have a beautiful warm tone,” says D’Virgilio. “The musicality of all of the cymbals coupled with the Tama Star Maple kit gave me great inspiration in creating the drum parts for this song.”  



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