Kingdom of Rock Launches “COVID-19 and the Music Business” Podcast


Drummer Kent Slucher (top right) talks about how he is dealing with limited opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis on the Kingdom of Rock podcast.

The Kingdom of Rock Podcast series, COVID-19 and the Music Business, has been interviewing musicians almost daily about how the health crisis has affected their livelihoods, as well as inviting them to share strategies for staying engaged, creative, and mentally and physically healthy.

Guests to date have included Steve Vai, Johnny A, Steve Lukather [Tot0, Ringo Starr], Elliot Easton [The Cars], Steve Stevens [Billy Idol], Joel Hoekstra [Whitesnake, Cher, Trans Siberian Orchestra], Kurdt Vanderhoof [Metal Church], producer Matt Wallace [Faith No More, Maroon 5], Andy Timmons, Michael Sweet and Oz Fox [Stryper], Bruce Kulick [Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad], Todd Kearns [Slash], and other notable and iconic musicians.

The podcast, co-hosted by Modern Drummer Chief Digital Editor Michael Molenda and musician/music-business entrepreneur Matt Gibson, has also interviewed two notable drummers recently, Kent Slucher [Luke Bryan] and Jasmin Guevara [The Red Elvises]. Advertisement

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Luke Bryan drummer Kent Slucher discusses how he is keeping creative and motivated during the COVID-19 crisis. Also appearing is bassist Scott Wilson of Saving Abel and Tantric fame.


In this episode, drummer Jasmin Guevara [The Red Elvises] and guitarist Andrew Himmler [The Delta Bombers] talk about how the COVID-19 shutdown has affected their careers.